“Professional, punctual, honest, with a good understanding of the different cultures and difficulties involved in relocating”


Relocation to Switzerland? Congratulations.

Switzerland is regularly rated as one of the countries offering the best quality of life in the world. It is clean and safe and runs like clockwork. Located at the centre of Europe, it offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy life amongst its breathtakingly beautiful mountains and lakes.

Zug based Prime Relocation offers a complete relocation service to companies and families transferring to Switzerland, and is passionate about ensuring that the whole family is happily integrated in to their new environment as soon as possible.
Relocating to a country with a different language and culture is often much more complex and emotionally challenging than anticipated, particularly for spouses and families. Prime Relocation offers a complete relocation and settlement package – covering orientation tour, housing, schooling, registration and settling in support – and ensures that in no time at all your family feels relaxed and comfortable in their new home.

Our strengths

  • Passionate about what we do
  • Special support for families
  • Committed, personalised, experienced
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Tailor made packages
  • Local contacts
  • Vast resource network
  • Transparent pricing
  • Honesty, reliability, professionalism

Additional Services

  • temporary housing
  • immigration services
  • office space search
  • property management
  • spouse support
  • cross cultural seminars
  • corporate moves

more information available upon request.



“Reliable, competent, efficient and prepared to go the extra mile”

Prime Relocation was founded in 2006. The company is based in Zug in Central Switzerland and provides relocation solutions to companies, families and individuals in Zürich, Zug, Lucerne and Schwyz. In 2015 Prime Relocation LLC expanded its regional coverage due to a partnership with Schmid Relocation LLC in Winterthur led by Katharina Kägi.

Over the years we have seen the difficulties that many families experience in adapting to Swiss life. While the work-place environment is well catered for, the support for expatriate families can be poor. This is why we and our growing team are passionate about providing individuals and families with a comprehensive support service.

Every member of staff is chosen for their own personal experience of living abroad and facing the upheavals of relocation, as well as their people skills, efficiency and attention to detail. Today a team of relocation specialists attend to our customers’ every need. We regularly attend relocation conferences as a team and partake in industry training to keep us up-to-date and ready to give our polished “Prime” service.

Katharina Kägi

Katharina KägiKatharina understands the challenges of relocating to a new country very well as she has been supporting expats coming to Switzerland for many years. She studied abroad in Latin America and England and speaks fluent German, Spanish and English. She used to work in the private banking sector and understands the property market and the needs of sophisticated clients very well. Katharina is ably assisted by her multicultural team.

Contact Katharina directly at:

Emma Mason

Emma MasonEmma comes from the UK but moved to Switzerland with her family in 2001. She initially volunteered as the Parents Association Treasurer at the International School of Zug and Luzern, and was subsequently elected as President. She later returned to her previous career in Investment Management by joining an International Private Equity Company in Zug. She joined Prime Relocation LLC in 2014 as the operations manager and with 3 teenage children who have each completed a different school system she is able to offer a broad insight into local and International schools. Her interests in sports and business has meant she has built a large network of contacts in and around Zug.

Contact Emma directly at:

Silvia Wirth

Silvia Wirth Silvia grew up in an expatriate family that eventually settled in Switzerland. She worked as a relationship manager in an international bank for many years and understands how to overcome the challenges of relocation and integration into a new country. Silvia speaks fluent German, English and French and has travelled widely all over Europe. As a result of her studies and professional experience she has formed an extensive knowledge of the Swiss Property Market and a growing network of contacts that our clients can make good use of. She is committed to a holistic approach in advising her clients.

Contact Silvia directly at:


Orientation Tour

“Prime Relocation gave us a fantastic orientation tour of the area”

An orientation tour provides a first insight into life in Switzerland and is the ideal opportunity to gather information about your move.

It is designed for people who have not yet made their minds up about relocating. The aim is to address concerns, provide information about life in Switzerland, the culture, housing and schooling options.

Prime relocation provides on the spot assistance and escorts you around the area. The tour can be tailor made to your requirements but it is our invaluable local knowledge that will help you to make the best choices for you and your family.

Home search

Home search

“One month after my arrival in Zug I was living in a flat with my family and telephone and Internet were already connected!”

One of the keys to a successful move abroad is getting the accommodation right. If your family feels comfortable and at home, everything else will seem much easier.

Whether you wish to rent or buy, Prime Relocation works with a network of partners and agents to find the property to match your needs. We assess your individual housing requirements, arrange appointments, accompany you to viewings and carry out the necessary application formalities. We also manage the hand-over of the apartment and the connection of the utilities.

Should you require, Prime Relocation can assist you in purchasing new items such as a car or small items of furniture for your new life abroad.

Prime Relocation can organise the end- to- end logistics of your move to Switzerland. This can be done on an individual basis or in conjunction with one of our partner companies.



“Thanks to your in-depth knowledge of local schooling options, my three children skip happily out of the door each morning to their new school"

Finding the right school for your children is crucial to the happiness of the whole family in their new environment. The decision about where to send your children to school is often very personal and can influence your decision about where to live. Switzerland offers a variety of very good kindergartens, day care centres and local and international schools with well-qualified, reputable teachers. Prime Relocation is passionate about understanding each child’s requirements, making recommendations, setting up appointments and helping to ease the children in to their new school.

Extra-curricular activities are just as important for integrating children into their new environment. Prime Relocation will help you here too, with a vast network of local contacts.

Such is the importance that we place on getting schooling right, that Prime Relocation has set up a school support line – Tel: 041 760 7441 to assist expats with the integration of their children into Swiss schools. If you have questions regarding the schooling of your children or wish to know more about local Swiss or international schools, feel free to call the Prime team. We will gladly discuss the possibilities with you and assist you in your decision-making. The support line covers the Central Switzerland area of Zug, Zürich, Lucerne and Schwyz.

Settling in / Help desk

Settling in

“I would recommend them to anyone moving into the Zug or Zürich area without any reservations whatsoever!”

Prime Relocation helps you and your family to settle in, in no time at all, by taking care of all the tiresome and painstaking paperwork. We manage your registration with the local authorities as well as providing you with support concerning insurance policies, banking services and healthcare. We provide you with comprehensive information about the local area and introduce you to key contacts and organisations. We ensure that your family is integrated in their new environment as soon as possible and will introduce you to fitness centres, sports clubs, mums and kids groups and language courses. All of our services are tried and tested and will have the whole family feeling at home in no time at all.

Leaving Assistance

Leaving Assistance

“Prime Relocation is really professional, direct, effective and we enjoyed working together”

The expatriate lifestyle may require you to relocate from Switzerland. Moving is always stressful for a family, but Prime Relocation will make the transition as smooth as possible. We will manage the formalities associated with leaving the country. These include the termination of the lease contract through to the handing over of the apartment, disconnecting utilities, cancelling insurance policies and de-registration with the local authorities. It is our aim to make the onward move as trouble free as possible.



Senior Manager, international Pharmaceutical Company, Zürichsee Region - Switzerland, relocated in July 2015
"Silvia, Du bist echt toll.
Danke dir vom Herzen, insbesondere deine Art und Freundlichkeit haben uns begeistert."

Manager, international Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich – Switzerland, relocated in October 2015
"Thanks to the precious help/availability/kindness of Silvia I was able to rent an apartment, very close to office for an unbeatable price, two of the main criteria I had set."

Manager, international Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich - Switzerland, relocated in November 2015
"Dear Silvia, many thanks for your outstanding support. As always, you are “SUPER”!"

Principal, international Consulting Company, Zürichsee Region - Switzerland, relocated in December 2015
"We were extremely satisfied with the relocation service of your company and your agent Silvia.
I am sure that many other families moving to Switzerland may benefit from Prime Relocation."

Spouse, Zürichsee Region - Switzerland, relocated in December 2015
"Very professional attitude
we loved the “thinking ahead” for us!!! So valuable!
Silvia was always on top and is a great relationship builder
Without asking we got great advice and “tourist information”, what we appreciated a lot!"

Senior Manager, International Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich - Switzerland, relocated in November 2015
"Very impressed with Emma, She took great care to understand our requirements and took a great deal of effort to get us an apartment. Above and beyond!"

Business Systems Manager, International Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich - Switzerland, relocated in November 2015
"The support provided by Silvia was excellent. Silvia is an extreme professional that was clearly able to understand my needs. Congratulations to Silvia and Prime Relocation for the excellent service provided."

Senior Legal Director, International Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich - Switzerland, relocated in August 2015
"Elke was fantastic!"

Senior Marketing Manager, International Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich - Switzerland, relocated in July 2015
"This was an unexpected and not totally welcome relocation. However, Elke guided us through so well that we ended up feeling happy, settled and well cared for. A brilliant company move – thank you."

Executive Assistant, International Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich - Switzerland, relocated in August 2015
"Flexibility well appreciated – Diane did a good job."

Vice President, International Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich - Switzerland, relocated in June 2015
"Perfect service, very friendly & efficient. Thank you!"

Executive Director, international Pharmaceutical Company, Zürich - Switzerland, relocated in October 2015
"I am just dropping a quick email to let you know that I am now settled in Rüschlikon, and I wanted to let you know that I am very thankful to Catherine de Peri, who has been extremely kind, helpful, available, effective and proactive during all the phases of my relocation, so everything that you could expect for such a relocation support."

COO, Baar
"The move to Switzerland is our first to Europe. The cultures, traditions, systems and languages are quite different to our homeland. The Prime Relocation team delivered their services in a corteous and professional manner. In doing so, they reduced complexity to simplicity and allowed us more time to get to know the community. We think that most families would agree that moving is one of the most stressful events in their lives. The Prime Relocation's team managed the cycle in such a manner that our stress shifted to a different topic - that is, what should we go and visit in the great country of Switzerland. Many thanks for everything."

Engineer, Zürich
"I would personally like to thank you for the expert and professional manner in which you have managed, and assisted me in my search for an apartment and my subsequent move to Switzerland from England. Without your assistance I would surely have labored under the numerous and varied procedures and protocols required in securing a suitable apartment in Zug Canton. I have found Linda and her group to have performed the task of relocating my family and I to Zug in a meticulous, informed, tactful and patient manner. Linda is erudite and communicative, and has shown great diligence and skill in her negations. Furthermore I regard her as having great aptitude, a sound local knowledge and good variety of useful contacts, which can be drawn upon well after her role has been finalised."

CFO, Zug
"Moving to Switzerland can be a bureaucratic headache without the support of a good relocation agent. Linda and Mary at Prime Relocation made the move completely stress free and had all the contacts to find us our perfect Swiss house. Many thanks to them for all of their help."

CFO, Zug
"The Prime Relocation team is reliable, competent and highly efficient. They offer clients support where needed and always have an answer for any complex problem. I can fully recommend Linda and her team to prospective employers as a partner they can count on and one that will execute their job to the best of their ability and I can vouch for the high standard of their work."

Trader, Zug
"I am in the process of relocating from London to Zug, Switzerland, and am very happy by the service and results from Linda Stager at Prime Relocation. In all my dealings with Linda, she has been professional, punctual, honest, and shown a good understanding of the different cultures and other difficulties involved in relocating. I would happily recommend her services."

Engineer, Zug
"1 month after my arrival in Zug, coming from France, I was living in a flat in Oberägeri with my family and telephone and internet were already connected ! Congratulations to the Prime team for their quick and very high efficiency."

Engineer, Zug
"Sehr gute Dienstleistung. Schnell, Unkompliziert, Effektiv."

MD, Zürich
"When people make a move to a foreign country, a lot of things have to organized and a lot of changes are coming up. The most of these changes are rather new and unknown. Things where you never thought about. At the same time you have to take a lot decisions, small and big ones in a very short period. In this situation you need support. We have got this support from Prime Relocation and especially from Linda Staeger. The approach of Prime Relocation was very effective, pro-active and very personal. At the right time the right things have been discussed and brought up by Prime Relocation. Also the communication went very well. Not only with us but also with the Employer who is also very important. The communication was very open, transparent and quick. The preparation was always good, in every step. During the search activities in Switzerland there was the necessary support but also after the first weeks settling there was a follow up and interest. Prime Relocation is really professional, direct, effective and we enjoyed working together. With this kind of support, changing a country and culture, the first step is much easier!"

VP Sales and Marketing, Zug
"You're the best, thanks so much. We had a great afternoon and really appreciate your time and information....we're both very excited about our new future here in Zug!!"

Trader, Zug
"In addition, I would like to take a moment to thank both of you for your outstanding & professional services you have been providing."

Business Analyst, Zug
"We would recommend Prime Relocation to others. The staff really understood our needs and assisted us with finding the perfect housing."

Business Developer, Zug
"It was a great comfort to know we had support from a relocation consultant. Our consultant made me feel like we were her only clients with her attentiveness and responsiveness. The suite of services offered by Prime Relocation certainly made our move much less gruelling and scary. Many thanks!"

IT Program Manager, Zug
"Prime Relocation has provided excellent and world-class service in helping me find an apartment in Zug. She also provided a personal touch, very accomodating and friendly. Many many thanks for your excellent service."

Marketing Director, Zürich
"The Prime Relocation team showed the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. Highly recommendable."

General Manager, Zürich
"We are looking forward to engaging you for future projects. Thanks so much for your excellent support."

Divisonal Controller, Pharma, Geneva
"As with everything you have provided in terms of relocation services, information and advice, these tips are very thoughtful and invaluable - as well as being reassuring throughout the process."

Director, Product Marketing, Pharma, Nyon
"Our consultant was excellent on the two day search, was extremely helpful, responsive, and able to fine-tune our search for day 2 when we had a better idea of what and where we wanted something. I would strongly recommend her, and I also know that my colleague , who was out her the day after us, found her extremely good and has been very complementary about her to me and other colleagues."

Head Rare Diseases, Pharma, Nyon
"Thanks to you. You did a great job on site and the selection of housing in Zug you prepared was right on spot - exactly meeting the criteria we requested and BTW you were a pleasure to work with during the 2 days! Including your restaurant recommendations! BIG Thank You also on behalf of Helga."

Director, Business Development, Boston
"Special thanks to Linda for spending the days with us and our little ones! She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the area and our questions."


Education Choices in Switzerland

In most of the major global mobility and expat surveys of last year, Switzerland has held top position for quality of life. Globally mobile families are embracing the country’s way of life, its healthy outdoor lifestyle and its excellent education provision. Above all, Switzerland offers expats a “balanced expat life”.

Switzerland is home to a top-class state education system and some of the best international and private schools in the world. This means that relocating parents with school age children are likely to be spoilt for choice when selecting a new school for their child.

Expats now make up almost 24 percent of Switzerland’s total population. Switzerland took the number one ranking in the InterNations Quality of Life Index, which was down to its ranking first out of 61 countries in the categories of travel and transport, as well as for health, safety and personal wellbeing.

The education system in Switzerland

Where Switzerland really stands out is in its very high quality education system. In the InterNations survey, the country ranked first in the world for education and its state school system is enviable. Only 5 percent of children attend private school. With very high annual fees, it is not hard to see why so many families opt for a local school.

State education is run by the 26 cantons. The system is efficient and established, but can also create some confusion for those entering the country, as each canton has a slightly different approach.

Language learning is high on the agenda at Swiss schools and each pupil will learn at least two other languages (English, French and German) as well as having to master the language of instruction. A willingness to learn this language is a must and help is provided free of charge by the state in small group or private one to one teaching. Other topics covered within Swiss state school curriculum include music, sport, religion, sciences, maths, art, and social sciences.

Pre-school and lower secondary

Schooling starts with two years of pre-school – kindergarten or école enfantine. In Ticino, there is even three years of pre-school. Compulsory education as a whole lasts 11 years: pre-school is compulsory in only some of the cantons. Children start primary school at the age of five or six and begin lower secondary at 11, which lasts for three years. Pupils at this level receive instruction in performance based groups. Relocating children at this age group will require assessment before the children can appropriately be placed in local school.

Upper secondary

At the age of 15 students move into upper-secondary schooling. It is at this point that they are streamed into either a vocational route, known as Vocational Education and Training (VET) which includes practical training and class-based teaching or a more academic route known as a Baccalaureate school or an upper secondary specialized school. The specialized schools largely prepare students for professional education and training and for entry to universities of applied sciences, depending on the programme followed at the school. Students taking this vocational route also have the option of attending university-level colleges following the completion of their upper secondary education.

Education standards

What makes Switzerland stand out is that thinking about becoming employable starts off in schools at an early age – at age 15, over 70 percent of Swiss schoolchildren go on to select what’s known as the apprentice track, combining practical work experience with traditional theoretical learning. In fact, Switzerland’s secondary school pupils have demonstrated their academic excellence in the latest set of international league tables run by the programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). In a survey of the educational achievement of 15 year old students in around 65 countries, Switzerland was one of only two European countries to make the top ten.

International and independent schools

Against the backdrop of such an exemplary state education system, independent schools offer the relocating family an alternative, perhaps a more internationally transferable learning programme – especially if the planned move is short term and the family plans to repratriate or to move on to a new assignment overseas. An international education may also be chosen if relocating students are of teenage age and considered too old to fit into a local school setting.

According to the latest FIGURES FROM THE International School Consultancy Group (ICS), there are currently 104 international schools in Switzerland, between them teaching more than 36’000 students. Many are bilingual and follow an international curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate. The demand for places is largely from expats, british students being the most prevalent nationality.

International schools excel in integrating students and parents into the expat community and this is where they set their mark against local Swiss state schools.

Overall, relocation to Switzerland offers globally mobile families an enviable choice of provision for school age children. Whether they choose local integration in a state funded school or an internationally transferable learning programme, from one of Switzerland’s excellent international schools, families can be confident that their children will be entering a world beating education system.


Prime Relocation delivers outstanding value for money based on in-depth knowledge of life in Switzerland and a comprehensive contact network. To understand how Prime Relocation can safeguard your investment in your key executives and their families call or mail to discuss your requirements.

Prime Relocation LLC
Industriestrasse 47
CH-6300 Zug

Telephone +41 41 760 7441

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